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Benton Minimizes Environmental Footprints Saving the Planet One Project at a Time

Our prime directive is to create a safe and drug-free environment for our employees to perform their duties. We train and protect them, our customers, and the public from known and anticipated hazards to keep them safe and productive for their families.

Benton is committed to training and providing full time safety professionals on our jobs. This safety professional enforces our safety program as well as our customer’s safety requirements. This professional oversees our JSA Program and all safety related reporting independent of the construction operations. In addition to the safety professional on site, we train our employees to comply with regulations published under the Federal Operator Qualification Rules.


Benton has adopted the Interstate Natural Gas of America Association (INGAA) Operator Qualification Plan. We are also in compliance with ISNetworld, Veriforce, MEA, NCCER and will adhere to your Owner Operator Qualification Plan.

Our employees are qualified to perform covered tasks and will respond to abnormal operating conditions. Our goal is that Benton is recognized as the best in the business in getting the job done right.

We believe it’s our responsibility to identify possible environmental concerns and propose measures to mitigate any adverse results. From the very beginning of clearing and excavation to restoration, we make every attempt to limit our impact. A good sign of a great completed pipeline project is when it looks like we were never there.