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Letter from our Chairman
Our People

About Benton

Building Quality Energy Infrastructure for Our Country Since 1914

Benton is a leading gas distribution and pipeline contractor in the design, build and testing of premium quality pipeline construction across the United States. We have a dynamic history of providing complete customer satisfaction.

Benton is also company, is a holding company that creates value for customers by building high-performing businesses. By partnering with people who share the same values, creates a ValueCentric™ synergy that improves and makes a more inclusive supply chain.

Our experienced team and scalable workforce have the ability to deliver on projects of any size.

We Are Skilled
We operate skillfully on experience, pride, and performance, guided by our core values, honesty, integrity and hard work. We invest in our people, our technology and our equipment. We have the talent, the tools and the commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our staff of over 300 employees have the experience and ability to integrate expert construction management and experienced crews with our newest, state-of-the-art equipment providing you the formula for project success.


We are Fair
In addition to quality work, Benton can be counted on for competitive pricing. Whether it is for budget estimating or project bids, our project knowledge and competitive pricing gives customers a fair assessment of their project.

We are Focused
We maintain a sharp focus on all that we do through the lifecycle of a project. This focus enables us to meet and exceed not only the customer’s expectations, but also industry standards in quality, safety, and time of completion.

Our safety and health record is evidence of Benton’s industry leadership in providing a compliant and safe working environment. Our program ensures our equipment and teams meet and exceed site standards.

We are Specialized
Benton specializes in natural gas, oil, and liquid pipelines and station construction. We operate an in-house horizontal directional drilling division providing services not only to our projects, but to the industry as well.