Benton Georgia - Energy Services
Letter from our Chairman
Our People

Our People

At Benton, our greatest asset is our dedicated and highly skilled men and women. Proudly we have a number that come from families that were the very pioneers in the pipeline industry. Our second and third generation pipeline workers understand that it’s the “people” who will make the difference. We know that with the right tools our people can get any job done.

We also know that continuous improvement is the only way we will remain competitive in the pipeline industry. By conducting training and developing our future supervisors and workers we can ensure that we will always be ready to respond to your changing project needs.

Finally, you can rest assured that all our employees understand the importance of safety and the focus we place on it. All of us have pledged to never let safety take a back seat to what we do and how we conduct ourselves each and every day. From upper management to the worker in the trenches, we all agree that everyone must participate in creating a safe and productive work environment.

Having the right tools when you need them is important to success. At Benton we know that the right tool in the hands of a trained operator enhances that success. With well over 1,500 pieces of pipeline construction equipment in our inventory, our major investment guarantees you that we can complete your project on time and within budget.